ten matches that will take place by the end of the year

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7/14/08 11:32:58PM
i think these ten matches will take place by end of the year or at least 8 of ten will happen

1 wandy vs rampage
2. serra vs hughes
3. forrest vs lidell
4. shogun vs sokou
5. sherk vs griffin or stevenson
6. machida vs jardine/ thiago silva
7. cote vs quarry
8. gonzaga vs kongo
9. lesnar vs coleman will be on
10. werdum vs herring
11. my wild card pick is tuf finale in dec nate diaz vs manny gamburyen

remember some fighters are already fighting in oct and sept that would make them pretty much un available to fight till next year
such examples franklin vs hendo, kos vs alves, penn vs gsp to name a few
but i am pretty sure we will see these fights on some of the cards especially the dec end of the year event

i see lesnar vs coleman
big nog vs mir
and shogun vs sokou
7/14/08 11:46:11PM
dont think Page vs Wandy will happen, seems like he'll be getting an immediate remacth....and if he doesnt, than chuck vs forrest (assuming he chuck wins his next bout) is for sure to happen.

Lesnar vs Coleman agree, win or no win for Lesnar he'll get this match at the last PPV of the year.......but who knows, maybe if he wins he'll get Kongo (still fighting top comp. but a good match up for him)

Cote / Quarry i dont think it will happen, cote is getting his shot, after Anderson/Okami, which i would say the winner fights Cote either on the last PPV, or the one before that. By the time cote is done fighting the winner, the soonest he'll fight is early 09'.

Werdum / Herring- umm dont think so, Herring would have to beat Lesnar, and even than i still dont think it'll be for sure........

If Tito resigns with the UFC (as the rumors say) he'll fight wandy in the Last PPV, that would be a big $$ match up.

another match up that would make sense is Hendo/Franklin before the year is over.
7/15/08 12:35:39AM
Dana white would like nothing more than for Liddell to beat Rashad, beat Forrest for the title, then have Chuck vs Wandy II as a championship fight.
7/15/08 12:39:10AM
um I see Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote in Nov

or Cote vs Bisping if he beats Leban
7/15/08 6:50:37AM
bisping is fighting in oct i doubt he will fight a big fight against cote in less than a month

true about tito
tito was my second guess vs wandy if rampage doesn't fight him,
and if rampage does and should get a immediate rematch it would probably be in nov
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