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12/26/08 11:31:01AM
The qualifications for this top ten list of top fights were a combination of pre-fight drama, excitement during the fight itself, and the greatest repercussions of the results.

12/26/08 2:03:33PM
so far........ mine are and only including the UFC as I have seen alot of the other events but not in their entirity and not live which takes some of the steam away from them, where as I've seen every UFC fight this year including the undercards
so my list is strickly ufc.

1.Forrest Griffin-vs-Quintin Jackson-Forrest is my favorite fighter so I am biased in this pick lol but if Griffin finishes Rashad Evans then that would be my #1

2.Anderson Silva-vs-Dan Henderson
3.BJ Penn-vs-Joe Stevenson
4.BJ Penn-vs-Sean Sherk
5.Georges St Pierre-vs-Jon Fitch
6.Kenny Florian-vs-Roger Huerta
7.Rashad Evans-vs-Chuck Liddell
8.Sean Sherk-vs-Tyson Griffin
9.Kenny Florian-vs-Joe Lauzon
10.Paul Kelly-vs-Paul Taylor

number 9 and 10 I am willing to change but couldnt find any to switch wih at the moment
12/26/08 2:28:08PM
Was Kos/ Hazelett this year? that was a good fight


Condit/ Miura was good too
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