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6/25/09 3:38:26AM
For the first time in nine seasons, “The Ultimate Fighter” featured a country versus country theme between the United States and the United Kingdom. Even though critics were quick to point out that Team U.S.A might not have been the strongest this time around, two Brits won their weight divisions, proving that MMA has arrived in the Old World as well.

The U.K. is, without a doubt, the most advanced territory in Europe when it comes to mixed martial arts fighting at this time. However, there are tons of very promising talent from the other 47 European countries as well. has compiled a list of the top ten Euro prospects to look out for. Qualification criteria was a maximum age of 23 years and no contract with a major promotion yet.

6/25/09 3:48:17AM
Mamed Khalidov should be on that list. The guy is a wrecking force in KSW, and even if he has had a fight here in the states, most people couldn't tell you. I guess he wasn't listed because he's almost 30.
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