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11/14/08 3:48:15PM
Its approchaing! That time of the year where we completely forget the birth of our Savior and replace him with some imaginary obese man who is supposed to give us free stuff! Lets give that fat bastard our demands!

-New shirts (Affliction/ExC maybe)
-Random gift cards

Oh, and if you're not too busy, somewhere around Christmas I'd like for my favorite fighter to be declared the best fighter in the best weight class... And that even after the fact, have peoples' irrational hatred for him coax them to continue to pick against him... yeah.
11/14/08 4:15:42PM
A Tone Bone for my upright
Bowl Game tix for the Hawkeyes
My two front teeth
11/14/08 4:18:32PM
My first million dollers
some xbox 360 games
another million dollers
11/14/08 4:43:19PM
Megan Fox
11/14/08 5:14:35PM
Comfort Zone Frosty Fridge Recliner...

It's a message-chair type recliner thing, with storage compartments under both arms... And one of em's a fridge that can hold 5 cans of beer (or four cans of your favorite beverage and a sandwich, you get the idea)!!!!

11/14/08 6:37:11PM
Cold hard cash so i can save up and go to Las Vegas this summer to see an UFC event.

11/14/08 7:15:40PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Cold hard cash so i can save up and go to Las Vegas this summer to see an UFC event.

And buy your own dildo so you don't have to borrow your buddy's

The only thing that I really need right now is an electric drill, but I would like to add a Nintendo DS to that too.

We don't do too much in the way of gifts any more in my place
11/14/08 7:22:15PM
ipod touch cause my old ipod met its death under a forklift at work

11/14/08 7:43:55PM
The economy to turn around and all the damn foreclosures in the city to go away so home values will go back up
11/14/08 8:56:35PM
a years subscritptionto xbox live
gears of war 2
a new punching bag because my manliness broke my old one
11/14/08 9:00:15PM

Posted by roncomanjason

Megan Fox

thats so weird thats exactly what i was gonna put aswell before opening this thread

this chick is soo hot, i googled her after seeing an episode of two and a half men she was on
11/14/08 9:17:02PM
Play in the W.S.O.P
11/14/08 9:19:29PM
The UFC Game to come out on Christmas
11/14/08 11:06:44PM
new 19" falken azenis tires
to hardwire my router to my comp (WiFI is the WORST!)
for obama to make the US a respectable nation after almost a decade
11/15/08 12:13:14AM
I want santa to stop sneaking down my chimney and stealing all my stuff!

I shall be waiting for him this time
11/15/08 3:21:18AM
Could also do with some cold hard cash, to go towards saving for a deposit on our first house together.
11/15/08 12:44:44PM
New head gear and shin gear any suggestions?
11/15/08 8:04:18PM

Posted by postman

New head gear and shin gear any suggestions?

For shin gear you gotta go with Fairtex. Best shin guards out there IMO.

For head gear you should consider if you'll be doing any amateur matches. A lot of amateur matches require head gear (depending on the state and all) so make sure you get some headgear that is approved by the state athletic commission. Usually for boxing/kickboxing matches dudes use the title amateur headgear.

Also, consider whether or not you'll be training with 4oz gloves with the headgear. If that's the case you'll definitely want cheek protection on the headgear so you don't get unnecessary cuts and scar tissue from training
11/15/08 9:35:27PM
The xyience girl
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