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9/12/08 3:01:17PM
i sometimes watch street fights just for kicks, and today these 2 got my attention

nice judo throws by someone unexpected

crazy ko (k-1 andy hug style?)

decent muay thai and JJ displayed (trained fighters tho)
9/12/08 4:03:12PM
Judo throw was totally unexpected. Glad to see someone didn't let a ******* EMO beat them down. My god I thought that skinny emo punk was going to win.
9/12/08 4:10:26PM

Posted by Jackelope

Judo throw was totally unexpected.

Probably because it was part luck and part size difference. If that fat kid knew any judo to a decent extent, that other kid would have been down and out within 3 secs of the fight starting.

I just kept thinking of Hackney vs. Yarlborough watching that one.
9/12/08 7:01:16PM
damn that jiujitsu guy has some balls. to hang onto that triangle despite those slams
9/12/08 7:27:00PM
no love for the spinning back kick ? i thought that was pretty amazing
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