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9/4/08 4:07:23PM
trying to edit some HL videos (you guys are prolly sick of hearing about them)

i need some sort of program that can cut clips apart

when i import them to my editing program, they are too big and take too long to render ( i am importing full events at a time when i might only need a fight or two from them)

is there a simple program that can cut mpeg, wmv, avi files into pieces?

thanx for the help
9/4/08 4:42:40PM
I use Any DVD Converter, but there are free options available...take a look at the Edit Help over at for tutorials and software recommendations.
9/5/08 3:51:02AM
windows movie maker cuts them for you as well, if you don't want to download anything
9/5/08 10:07:39AM
goto and download cyberlink power director 7 bundle. It comes with the easiest interface when it comes to editing videos and a quick rendering program that puts burning dvds a very simple process.
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