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6/25/07 12:42:46PM
Are there any MMA diehard Torontonians out there? I've started the Team Toronto fight camp.

Let's go!
6/25/07 1:27:00PM
you should join CANADIAN TOP TEAM instead of play alone in your team.

we are 112 menber and we are 6th in the heavyweight class.

you will find many menber who have GSP for fav. fighter. ( me for example )

6/25/07 1:41:29PM
I would join your team but I like the current fight camp I'm in right now. Toronto needs the Ontario athletic comission to allow MMA to come to T.O. Good to see that all the fight fans aren't out in Alberta and Montreal lol. Good luck with your camp.
6/25/07 2:01:25PM
Thanks guys. I'm going to keep trying to build this team up.

BTW, excellent ranking Mayhem!

6/26/07 1:11:19PM
Team Dot!
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