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POLL: Is team satan cool?
Yes 15% (4)
Ya 11% (3)
Yup 4% (1)
You betcha boots 0% (0)
cooler than the sick den 26% (7)
way cooler than team pride 44% (12)
3/21/07 4:01:36PM
why dont you just create your own thread instead of polluting my team satan thread with your sudden impact crap, this is not a van damme movie this is team satan thread
3/21/07 4:05:33PM
3/21/07 4:07:52PM
These are the types of ho's were are into

3/21/07 4:08:44PM

Posted by PeteyPablo


its all good, dont have to say sorry
3/21/07 4:10:35PM
your going to like this just right
3/21/07 4:38:38PM
Join Team Satan and u r to be sure to fall asleep.
3/28/07 4:41:44PM
just trying to get this to the top of the threads
4/4/07 6:28:28PM
bring it
4/9/07 4:45:57PM
I want to join team SATAN!!!!
4/15/07 7:26:41PM
all welcome, even christians, mormons, scientologists, muslims, whoever
4/15/07 7:28:24PM

Posted by Cobbs666

all welcome, even christians, mormons, scientologists, muslims, whoever

........i don't think a christian is going to join Team Satan lol
4/15/07 8:47:32PM
i want to join team satan
4/24/07 10:35:58PM
ok then join
6/19/07 5:29:41PM
now re-opening invites
6/19/07 7:14:31PM
I'd like to join your camp for the new season.

message me and we can chat.
7/6/07 11:31:00PM
then join it up
7/15/07 4:07:37AM
the fartinggrappler is on team satan .. so yes the team is good and thats all anyone needs to know. the kicker is that anyone who is not a member of team satan that (becomes a member) and beats me in the picks for this season gets a (all-inclusive) date with cobbs during which I will fart-grapple all and any objects within my vision at the time (duration lasts as long as the date takes place within the public realm, otherwise the grappler will charge an exorbitant amount of money and is authorized to touch you with the jab.) I also grapple birthday parties, weddings, barmitzffffffffas, and pretty much any function i can reach with the heel of my boot.
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