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2/25/07 12:41:25AM
Now we are the camp with the Pride MW Champion, and the #1 Middleweight in the world AND we just achieved Middleweight Status

Oh yeah, game on...
3/4/07 5:53:14PM
Send me an invite.
3/5/07 9:55:37AM
You can now add UFC HW champ to that.
3/5/07 6:12:57PM
3/5/07 6:17:54PM
Team Quest welcomes greshamfighter to the camp!

War Team Quest!
3/5/07 6:20:13PM
all we need is lindland to somehow pull off the monster of all upsets and well be on top of the world undisputed.(if he doesnt get screwed by the russian judges)
4/4/07 3:53:04PM

Posted by Sagat_GSP12

You can now add UFC HW champ to that.

Didn't Randy leave? and open his own camp in Vegas?
6/23/07 4:00:59PM
Team Quest is always looking for new members. 3rd in the middleweight division and going up. Float me a message if you'd like an invitation.
6/23/07 5:58:27PM
hey i requested invite yesterday, but didnt get one. maybe it didnt go through or i didnt do it right. if youd like me on your team, send me that invite i wont hesitate to be apart of Team Quest.
6/24/07 2:28:54AM
please let me join
12/9/07 4:34:12PM
Looking for newer members. We've cleaned out a few people who weren't pulling their weight. If you're interested; let me know.
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