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4/4/08 10:19:39AM
howdy guys...I am very much interested in buying a shirt/hoodie of Team Quest, the members , philosophy & fighting styles are A+
anyway, where would you direct me to buy these items on the net at the lowest prices?

Thx in advance ,
the advanced thanker
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4/4/08 10:32:56AM

Here ya go buddy, and also welcome
by the way, I live right across the river from you man, Aylmer
4/4/08 10:37:26AM
cool. are u going to MTL?
4/4/08 10:41:25AM
YESSAAA I will be, 100 level tickets to go with that too. It's gonna be siiiick. I'm actually going with another member, Tuvok500 (really cause of him that we got these tickets ) you going?
4/4/08 3:53:37PM
yes, I'm gonna head down on Thursday,check-in,thentry to do it all-ie-press confs,weigh-ins etc....all the while seeking to get a ticket that will cost about about 1/2 of my Accord's value! ;)

I will give 10 UFC/Pride DVDs for anyone finding me a ticket
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