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5/23/07 12:17:55PM
Muhammad Ali used to boast before fights that he was in the best shape of his life. Evander Holyfield did the same, and most recently Oscar De La Hoya has become synonymous with the "best shape of my life" cliché.

It's rare when that sort of phrase is muttered in mixed martial arts. There are too many aspects of the game to work on, and the risk of injury while training for a fight is far greater than boxers face with the old Sweet Science.

5/23/07 12:55:18PM
its gonna be a hell of a fight, but i aint payin 40 bucks for it
5/23/07 3:13:18PM
Well that article doesn't present good news for me. I'm riding a lot of money on Jackson in that fight, so that really didn't brighten me up.
5/27/07 11:49:05AM
haha yeah liddell must have trained hard :P he got pwnd
5/28/07 1:32:17AM
Dana white has now said, liddell's next fight will be against wanderlei silva.
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