Once Again Team Ky Jelly at the Top of th Heap!!

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7/8/07 12:04:42PM
Just wanted to let you guys know the Team KY Jelly had another awesome night. Please notice that our fight camp has moved up to 5th place in the light weight standings. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up the we will soon be in a dominating lead. Thanks everybody for you support.

No Friction Here!!
GO Team KY Jelly!!!!
7/8/07 2:18:39PM
Good job... wow you and your camp leader have the same record.
7/8/07 3:16:52PM
Yeppers!!! At team KY we have mandatory team meetings!! We are aCLOSE NIT team!!
7/8/07 5:38:42PM
Plus you own both accounts.
7/8/07 6:29:22PM
Definitely two different users here! My email is threebigfatdogs@yahoo.com and his is npayant@yahoo.com. Both from Colorado. Check out our picks. Just happened to be tied. I lost a fight this round. He won all his. But we both believe in the power of the blue and white tube. Battle on!!

7/8/07 7:43:59PM
He does not own both accounts... What is the purpose of doing that anyway??

He is my bro-in-law, and we're both from Colorado. There have been many a time that we've picked differently (check it out)...we just happen to have the same record... BUT we do try to line things up as much as possible (with a few differences)...that's the only way to get KY to the top (right where we should be)...

Remember to lube...
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