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2/15/08 11:00:12PM
Hey everybody,

Here's the latest episode of Inside Team Jacksons, this one features female MMA fighter Michelle Waterson from the TV show Fight Girls. Of course she is now converted to MMA fighting and trains at Jacksons. Pay attention because questions were used from this forum and the WINNER WAS someone from this forum, "Wolfman" get ahold of me. To the rest of you, If I didn't get to your question I am sorry, I have been fortunate to be getting more questions than I can ask so remember, I will be having more episodes with more Jackson fighters, so please keep trying. Let me know what you think.

Danny Winn
2/15/08 11:27:45PM
Good interview man !!

I am jealous of wolfman now !!

2/16/08 12:04:40AM
Great interview. Congrats to Wolfman...and AchilleesHeel as well.
2/16/08 2:22:36PM
Thank you guys and keep up the good work DanJitsu.
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