“Team Hughes” Fighters Debut Sept. 15

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9/5/07 10:53:13PM
Robbie Lawler and Jacob Hey will be the first mixed-martial artists to compete as official members of Matt Hughes’ newly launched “Team Hughes” fight team, UFCjunkie.com (www.ufcjunkie.com) has learned.

9/5/07 10:58:20PM
i hope his team goes good, good luck matt
9/6/07 12:23:32AM
Lawler is in team hughes! awesome
9/6/07 12:29:10AM
Good hopefully Robbie gets in some good grappling, that would take him to the level he needs to be at before he gets back into the UFC!!
9/6/07 11:33:48AM
Wow. I'm suprised he called it Team hughes. It has been said that he is very cocky and pompous and this seems to re-inforce that. Either way, the team is going to rip shit up. What other names would be good?
9/6/07 7:41:16PM
looking foward to lawler vs ninja
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