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2/14/07 9:00:47AM
Team Horror is currently going strong at 9 members with a collective record of 41-17 giving us a 71% winning percentage. I am currently looking to expand this team into the MW division and get away from the less then five person teams in the WW division. We've got a pretty good team so far and a pretty active team message board so if you aren't looking to contribute don't bother. I'm not looking for 50 more guys just to have the biggest team here, I currently am not really planning on moving past MW. I just want a small team of guys who can operate like a team and can contribute there knowledge to put Team Horror in the Top Five of it's division. We aren't a wannabe elitist team who is going to quiz you before allowing you membership, but if you sign up and then abandon the site or don't contribute in any way you will be disbanded. If you are interested, PM me and I will get back to you.
11/19/07 7:39:01PM
i would love to join your team the only reason i only have three posts is cause i just joined
11/26/07 10:53:11PM
ill join if u join
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