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3/19/07 2:39:45AM
Team Drama is recruiting.
3/19/07 12:52:31PM
nice to have you at the sight. hope you find some more ppl for your camp. if your into making wagers you should send me your picks and see if any arn't the same then after fight night i will send you some wagers.
3/19/07 2:20:41PM
Thanks for the welcome...

I have all of my bankroll out in wager requests, but if a few decline I'll send you a bet etc
3/19/07 2:22:47PM
ya i got all my cash in the fight night now too. send me your ufc 69 and 70 picks.
3/20/07 3:00:10PM
I will when I get some $ clear...
3/20/07 3:03:37PM
BIGKAT y dont u join my camp we only have to 2 memebers but i send alot of ad to recruit. I would like it if u got with us we want to be top team next season to let for this season but we can still make an impact.
Look at my ad.
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3/24/07 7:06:11PM
4/6/07 12:22:31AM
still recruiting....

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