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12/19/07 2:09:09PM
If anyone is looking for more members.

(I am assuming camp is a group of guys training together)
12/19/07 2:13:01PM
You're more than welcome to join Team Sure Shot.

We (like most others here) don't "train"...we're just our own little online community (or sub-community) of MMA fans. Each camp has their own messageboard and is ranked. It really means nothing (that I know of) and is basically for bragging rights.

Here's the actual description of what a camp is (on this website).

Just like fighters have camps, teams, and associations with other fighters, you can form a "camp" of your own here on You can join someone else's camp if they invite you, or you can form your own camp to invite friends from real life or that you may make on the site to join the game and play alongside you. Each camp has its own private event stats, a private message board, and more, and is a fun way to experience the game with a group of friends, workmates, or forum-mates. Your camp association will be shown on your profile and by your username when you post in the forums. In the future prizes and/or awards of some type may be given out to camps based on some sort of group competition.

If you want to join, you're welcome to do so.
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