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6/16/07 1:14:15AM
Team Butterbean is conducting limited enrollment to increase team size. We have weeded out some inactive members are are ready to take on some new ones for season 2.

Team Butterbean is based out of Bloomington, IL.

Applicants for Team Butterbean must be active on MMA Playground, and making sure picks are in for every event is mandatory. Forum activity is also reccomended. Team Butterbean members should also be active in the MMA Playground wagering system.

If you are interested in joining one of the most elite and founding teams on MMA Playground, please submit your application. A PM explaining why you would like to join would also be a plus.

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6/16/07 4:31:01AM

Posted by butterballs
one of the most elite and founding teams

but Elite Free Agents is THE most elite team here.......
6/18/07 12:35:55AM
I've had a good response so far, and I'm still looking over the applicants to make my picks.

Anyone else interested, please hurry and send your PMs.
6/23/07 8:25:38PM
Still accepting applicants. We've added a few so far, but there is still room.
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