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2/7/08 1:56:14PM
lookin for some people to join my new camp dedicated to my friend kate who passed away last fall, we called her "bankshot" from how good she was a pool
2/7/08 4:48:32PM
guess this was a bad idea for a camp, nevermind
2/7/08 5:10:02PM
hey man dont quit.
I started where you were. It took FOREVER to get people to come. But if you get 1 person you will be in a wieght class and if you come out one of the top, then people will notice and more people will come. So dont get your head down!
2/9/08 2:34:37AM
Yeah dude. Why don't you invite some of her friends or your friends that are into MMA to the site? Thats how most camps start.
2/9/08 3:10:08AM
trying to make friends on here

but thanks for the advice guys i'll try and see if they want to get an account here or not
2/9/08 3:26:19AM
It'll help once you get an event under your belt, as you'll have a record to show you know your stuff.
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