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POLL: if he or she is 18 is it ok
wish i whent to that school 41% (7)
yes if its consensual 53% (9)
no. should not be allowed 6% (1)
1/15/09 9:36:15PM
ok so if this is a improper topic just pull it .. but i think i am in the clear.. no religion or political stuff here in my eyes.. but maybe a little conflic

i live in a small town called hoqiuam. my high school had 100 grads in my class whitch was 96 so been out for awhile now. anyways recently one of the teachers got caught having "sexual relations " with a student.,,, and the follwing happened.
1 he was put on leave..
2 than many court apperances
3 i think some jail time
4 his carreer is worthless now
5 much bad news for our school
6 he goes to court again only to be let off scott free other than he has no job all cuz no one was smart enough to ask how old the female student was
.. the teacher ended up telling the court she was 18 years of age..

major loophole.. whoops someone dropped the ball thier..
so here is a link to the story

"sexual relations"

just wanted some feed back
1/15/09 10:45:09PM
Wow! Thats crazy. He moves far enough away He gets another job I bet.
1/15/09 11:32:04PM
lol man i had a teacher once i woulda had "sexual relations" with but i got expelled two weeks into the year, but if she 18 or not its abuse of power as i see it.
1/16/09 5:56:58AM
All I know is I would of been more than willing to bend at least two of my teachers over their desks without thinking to much about it lol.
1/16/09 2:27:41PM
Consent makes it okay in my book. If it is of "legal" age than there is really nothing anyone can do about it... i mean other than making him lose his job and ruin his reputation, but then he can just sue for defamation of character or something like that. Such is the price of over litagation in the United States.
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