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12/10/08 10:01:05PM
As a veteran who has suffered from the effects of several bombs, I would just like to say that all the things they are saying about TBI are true. If you can afford to donate to the cause, then do it.... because it is a very worthy one. The dude who had taken the RPG shrapnel to the dome explained it perfectly. It effects your ability to focus on several things and in general makes you feel like a fricken idiot.

I know the mass amounts of ads on this card are probably annoying some, but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts because this is affecting a LOT of vets. It makes readjusting to society, which is already hard enough, even tougher. Plus, these guys who have it real bad are dealing with the VA on a daily basis and let me tell you.. that's not a fun experience at all.
12/11/08 9:41:27AM
I donated what i could and my thoughts and prayers go out to all. And thank you for ur services.
12/11/08 10:27:03AM
I felt really bad for that last guy who was trying to learn how to read and speak again. It would be cool if everybody who watched the card mabeys donated even 25% of what theyd normally pay for a card, i mean it was a pretty good/entertaining event even if it didnt have any big name fights.
12/11/08 10:47:51AM
I hated that I can't see the show until a replay this weekend, but in reading some recaps this quote from Kos really stood out to me: "What an honor to fight in front of all you guys out there," Koscheck said addressing the troops in attendance. "Get on there and donate; this is what it's about. If that wasn't worth $5 bucks from every UFC fan, I don't know what else I can do." $5 from me heading their way. Not much and even though I can't afford to give much now it's much better than nothing.
12/12/08 1:25:13PM
Awesome, I donated $30 bucks.
12/12/08 1:29:49PM
You guys kick ass
12/12/08 4:39:53PM
I donated the money i would have spent ordering it... great night of fights.
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