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6/12/07 11:11:48PM
i thought this was going to be a little more even matched since jason black is a great fighter, but thiago totally dominated him, and that's not an easy task. i'm not one to usually jump on a bandwagon so quick but this one is an exception.

6/12/07 11:24:29PM
He won me 10 points and $200. I won't jump on a bandwagon yet, I was impressed quite a bit, but he has to prove himself a little more. Let him win some more fights against new guys, put him in there with a B Class Fighter, and see how he hangs. I think he's going places, but he needs more experience. Just my two cents.
Fanboy 1988
6/12/07 11:26:02PM
He kinda reminds me of a small Vitor Belfort..
6/12/07 11:34:25PM

Posted by Fanboy 1988

He kinda reminds me of a small Vitor Belfort..

You quote Joe Rogan well
6/12/07 11:38:03PM
Im on the bandwagon forsure after that fight, I expected it to be a close fight but he just blew Black away in every departement on the feet, his wrestling was better and his jiu jitsu was awesome.
6/12/07 11:40:46PM
choo Choo

He was pretty impressive in this fight. If he does this well in everyfight he will be godly.
6/12/07 11:42:17PM
It was funny when he was coming out I told my buddy, he looks like a little Vitor, and Rogan said it about 4 minutes later. I was impressed.

I knew he had a good game, and I was really impressed by what he showed tonight in the cage. He put it on him from the opening bell.

He also won me 22 points! So I like him even more.
6/13/07 12:01:54AM
I liked Thiago in this fight, but I think he needs one or two more impressive fights before I jump on his wagon.
6/13/07 12:51:01AM
Dude is a beast. The scary thing is his stand up is supposed to be just as good as his ground game. He does look like a little Vitor, but I think it is closer resemblance to Fez. Good day Mr Black...I said good day!
6/13/07 2:20:43AM
He can barely speak English, but communicates enough to let us know he's a dick. He backed it up though. I was hoping Black would get the kimura.
6/13/07 8:46:58AM
i think the guy looked liked a grizzled veteran in there, controlled 95% of the fight, and when he was in trouble with the kimura he stayed calm, looked to his corner, and went on to escape trouble. this kid is ready right now IMO for his shot at top 10 competition.
6/13/07 9:38:23AM
I won 22 points with him and I'm with you.

6/13/07 10:14:24AM
Baby Vitor was very impressive!!!
6/13/07 10:24:38AM
I picked Black to win that fight but he looked like he didn't even belong in the UFC. I'm totally impressed with Tavares but I'm more dissapointed with Jason Black. I know he's a much better fighter than that, especially on the ground.
6/13/07 10:47:00AM
Tavares is the real deal. Sherk, Franca, Penn and the rest of the guys at 155 better watch out.
6/13/07 12:39:57PM
Yea Tavares was awesome last night! He's really cocky though and when you could understand what he was saying, it was something cocky. I like him though, really aggressive and all around great fighter.
6/13/07 2:18:30PM
man, Thiago dominated that fight,but I think jason was drained from the weight cut, his weigh in pics looked nasty
6/13/07 2:57:47PM
Bleh Jason disappointed me. He looked bad at the weigh-in you know he lost tons of strength cutting. Thiago, no bandwagon for me. He did pretty good though.
6/13/07 3:33:50PM
tavares is a great fighter with a great BJJ
good wrestling too
Well lets wait his next opponent
go tavares! :D
6/13/07 4:44:45PM
I won't be quite so quick to jump on any bandwagon.
6/13/07 6:19:14PM
This kid looks to be the total package, demonstrated good wrestling, jiu jitsu, gnp and striking along with a good gas tank. Lets not rush him into a title shot, but this is a young kid who is a serious prospect. If i was the ufc i would not rush him, let him have a fight he should win, then match him up with another prospect like huerta (imo huerta is not the next big thing at lw, but many think he is). After that he should be ready to fight some1 like spencer fishcher, or hell even have him fight kenflo who gets alot of hate on the net but is a good fighter.
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