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3/1/08 8:05:26PM
Who has the best tattoo's in the UFC? And for that matter, who has the worst?

I think Tim Sylvia has the worst, what started with the superman symbol turned into some peice of shit bio mech thing on his left arm i think it is.

Brock Lesnar ties for best and worst aswell. Best is his huge back peice, but equal with timmy's biomech is brocks 'feather-dildo-sword' on his chest.
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3/1/08 8:32:32PM
Lesnar's cock sword defenately is one of the worsts, its looks much worse now that he isnt as build as he was be4 (granted he isnt on roids 24/7 anymore)......Sylvia's are even worse i think ................... if you want to see the 12 worst tattoos in MMA, follow this link :LINK

the ones i like the best are Babalu's tribal on his right arm, but the first place i would have to give to aleks emelianenko's Grim Ripper on his back.
3/2/08 9:34:18AM
i normally dont like tribals but babalu wears his well. aleks wins for pure scariness, even though he isnt in the ufc. if i was gonna fight someone i would prefer not someone whos tattoos tell the story of russian mob involvement and time in a russian prison. yes jamie varner, those stars on your shoulders mean something very different to russians!!

as for worst, there are no shortage of contenders...
3/2/08 12:29:10PM
Aleks Emilienenkos are the best i think in MMA. I agree with jomatty that the russian tattoos are very signifigant to his past and are kinda scary
3/2/08 1:43:32PM

3/2/08 3:54:30PM
Best - Heurta (Would say Babalu but he isn't in UFC anymore)

Worst - Sylvia or Brock
3/2/08 5:27:53PM
Sakaras are pretty bad ass as well as houston alexander
3/2/08 9:42:01PM
for worst i ahve to say Matt Linland and his queer little cobra
3/3/08 8:31:34PM
for best tattoo it has to go to Sakara without a doubt. his work is sick and very very good artwork and it's all themed back to his heritage.... best bar none
Jeff Monson has some good work it's a little ascentric(sp) but it is good quality work. also Leben's and Grove's back pieces are pretty nice too.

worst???? i say Silvia, Pete Sell's right shoulder with those gay unfinished flames alltho his left shoulder has some good art on it , and Lesnar's chest dildo. damn i cant really think of more but theres definately more in there.

3/3/08 9:49:10PM
I agree with Sakara
3/3/08 10:00:00PM
I really like Huerta's

3/4/08 1:55:09AM
it looks like clay guida may have some nice work but i haven't been able to find a close up of his back.
3/7/08 3:25:08AM
What about Evan Tanner's tattoo!!!

It is so faded you can hardly see it!!!!

Thats a pretty bad tattoo!!!
4/1/08 12:55:19PM
i've said for a long time i thought that Sakara had the best looking tattoos.

Definitely Brock takes the cake though with that horrible chest tat.
4/1/08 1:34:08PM
Not a fan myself, but Mike Nickels has some pretty serious work done...

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4/1/08 2:11:52PM
Brock's and that KOTC guy are a few of the worst.

I have more than 10 tats so I tend to like all ink, even if I wouldn't get it myself, because it is artistic, and generally has meaning to the person getting it.
4/1/08 2:15:14PM
For those who haven't seen the KOTC guy, Adrian Perez, here is a pic:

4/3/08 3:05:46AM
Looks like a gang banger from way back.
4/3/08 6:56:07PM
On sobral's right arm.... sweet
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9/27/09 5:21:39PM
Hello guy's ... i watched ufc102 live! i think the dragon on one of the fighters back was amazin ... but i cant find it anywhere ... can anyone post it, it would be much appreciated!
9/27/09 7:41:07PM
You stole this idea from FIGHT!.
9/27/09 8:15:23PM
Sakara has the best work, imo. For those that say Alex E I don't tend to like gang tat's, just my pov. (brown pride is in the same category)

I don't get why Huerta has tip shading done on his tribal, it ruins the whole peice.
9/29/09 5:40:35PM
Sakaras ink is very good, i also like the samurai on Leben back. Holding the severed head of an opponent.
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