Tatsuya Kawajiri nearly retired before getting call to fight in UFC

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1/4/14 3:43:12PM
SINGAPORE – If it wasn’t for a call from the UFC, Tatsuya Kawajiri might have been done with MMA entirely.

1/4/14 3:45:05PM
This sounds like bad news to me as a fan of The Crusher.

If he was this close to retiring before fighting in the UFC I can't imagine he's got much left in the tank. One loss in the UFC and he'll probably lose all motivation.

I can't honestly say this news is surprising, though.
1/4/14 3:57:53PM
He's been in so many wars, and in his mid 30's. He probably doesn't have much left in the tank. My guess, one big beatdown from somebody, and he might call it a career. I've always enjoyed watching him fight. Hope he can get a few more W's in the UFC before he retires.
1/4/14 4:07:23PM
Glad he didn't. I love watching him fight. Top 3 Fav fighter.
1/5/14 2:41:36PM
Not surprised, he's kind of old....should been in the UFC 5 years ago....he's past his athletic prime now and likely won't get a shot to fight for the title unless they give him another easy fight and then a title shot. He was dead tired after the Soriano finish and had that kid not made a mistake of getting closer to Kawajiri to get taken down, he probably could have won a decision by keeping the distance on the feet and stuffing shots. Oh well, I just think Kawajiri is semi-shot as a fighter.
1/6/14 6:50:36AM
He doesn't sound like he was motivated before meaning he sure wont be 4 or 5 fights down the road. If he wants a shortcut to the title a matchup with Swanson would be good for both men. It'd test Swansons TDD and Kawajiri would need to fight like his lifes on the line or else he will end up with his back on the mat taking punches.
The fact he looked exhausted after 5 minutes and then couldn't even stand up after the RNC makes me think he's willing to give it his all in there but he needs to step his conditioning up a tonne if he's serious about the elites in the division.

The divisions at the point now whereby there's 4 guys who should be having a title shot

Edgar/BJ Winner
Ricardo Lamas
Cub Swanson

Lamas is next
I'm assuming Mendes is the next contender after Lamas
Swansons loses to Aldo, Mendes and Lamas are keeping him at the lower end of the pack but with a win over a top position grappler he should have proved himself deserving and that's exactly what Kawajiri is.

Kawajiri and BJ could be just 1 more win away from a victory because of name value alone. And IMO I love seeing Legends names thrown into the mix of contenders.
Like how Hughes and Couture made there ways back into the top 10 in 2010 going 3-0
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