Tate vs Nakai

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POLL: Tate vs Nakai
Tate 73% (8)
Nakai 27% (3)
9/18/14 4:34:20PM
Who do you pick to win?
9/18/14 6:14:30PM
I think Tate will win, but this could end up being a close fight.
9/18/14 7:58:08PM

Posted by tepid55

I think Tate will win, but this could end up being a close fight.

I think it's going to be a close fight too. The way I see this fight playing out...whoever can steal the rounds will win it.
9/18/14 10:22:08PM
Tate wins due to superior conditioning and squat power, badabing badaboom.
9/18/14 11:19:14PM
I think Tate will try and outstrike Rin in this one rather than taking her down and trying to submit her.
9/19/14 7:13:41AM
Rin's physique is impressive. Her arms and legs look so powerful. Would be smart for Tate to avoid any grappling and just keep it standing. I'd say nakai would have a significant strength advantage.
9/19/14 1:39:16PM
Nakai will give Tate some trouble in the first round then gas out due to her enormous size and lose the decision. Tate hasn't finished anyone in the UFC so I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.
9/19/14 2:31:10PM
Rin is built like a tank.
Don't know how her gas tank will hold up through 3 rounds
9/20/14 5:23:52PM
Rin did a lot worse than I expected, she just didn't have the length to deal with Tate. Really poor performance, Tate showed her superior skills and I was a little shocked to see one the judges give Nakai one of those rounds..
9/20/14 10:24:48PM
I actually think Tate made nakai look better than she actually is. You could tell Tate's hand was bothering her and it affected her stand up.
9/28/14 12:55:00PM
Tate wins by sexiness