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7/5/10 6:10:23PM
Beware of Tatame
But, the expectations are of a completely different show next year, when UFC will make its second edition in Brazil. On the cover article of TATAME Magazine #173, which is already on the newsstands, we investigated and found out: UFC will come back to the country that created the sport on 2011! With new partnerships and one reality show (The Ultimate Fighter) only with Brazilian fighters, the expectations are high. On July’s edition of TATAME you can find out all details of the historical news and an exclusive interview with Dana White, UFC’s president.

7/5/10 6:35:30PM
So, is it safe to assume that the deal Dana made with Leben is Wandy and him as coaches?
7/5/10 11:02:06PM
Not at all....Tatame is a notoriously unreliable site, which is why I put the word Rumor in the title. However Leben said something along those lines and I think it would be an awesome idea.
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