UFC targeting Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira for Super Bowl weekend

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10/24/12 11:38:53AM
According to Brazil's SporTV, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans will return to the Octagon on Super Bowl weekend and face off with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

While the UFC hasn't officially announced the bout, a source close to the fight confirmed to MMAFighting.com on Wednesday that the bout is under serious consideration for a planned Feb. 2 event in Las Vegas.

If the fight is finalized, it would mark Evans' first bout since losing a unanimous decision to champion Jon Jones on April 21. The loss snapped a four-fight win streak for the 33-year-old Evans (17-2-1).

10/24/12 11:40:34AM
Rashad easily takes this.
10/24/12 11:41:37AM
Sucks that Rashad wouldn't have fought in 10+ months and it won't be at 185

Also Davis & Bader were able to take Lil Nog down and control him, I doubt this will be different
10/24/12 11:50:17AM
Tough tough test for little nog.

Hope he pulls through
10/24/12 12:05:23PM
My early thoughts are Evans UD
10/24/12 1:12:52PM
Lame fight IMO...
10/24/12 1:19:17PM
Bad fight. Nog just won't win. Rashad is better than Davis and Bader at pretty much everything... Why not give him Machida?
10/24/12 1:19:47PM
or Hendo?
10/24/12 1:33:49PM
Not a fan of this fight. Evans UD.
10/24/12 1:37:17PM
Idk, I really like this fight. If Rashad sticks with his wrestling roots, as he has ever since Machida, he should win the UD. I miss seeing Rashad throw the power strikes though, a la Liddell and Griffin, but little nog has some pretty good boxing and would probably light him up. I will admit to being a little disappointed he won't be fighting at MW.
10/24/12 2:02:55PM
I've waited since April for Rashad's return and this is the best name he can get? Not liking this fight at all. If I didn't like Rashad so much I would have no interest in this fight.
10/24/12 2:57:06PM
I favor Rashad in this fight but lets get this on course, Rashad is nowhere near the wrestler Phil Davis is. Rashad doesn't even use his wrestling the way Phil uses his. I think Rashad will want a KO as scoring a KO on the Nogs is kinda a big deal and he will think his hands are fast enought to do. I could see Nog touching Evans and getting the win. But as I said I still favor Rashad.
10/24/12 3:46:41PM
I'm surprised people aren't more interested in this fight. Perhaps it's PRIDE nuthuggery, but I'm excited for a Lil Nog fight against any top level guy. I will say that Rashad should be a huge favorite coming in, but Nog is dangerous anywhere the fight takes place.
10/24/12 3:53:25PM
I guess in a way the fight makes sense, since the rest of the top fighters at 205 are already in fights, I still don't care for the match up. Lil' Nog's wrestling had improved, but I doubt he can stop Evans from taking him down. I just hope this isn't the co-main event, as i don't see it being that exciting of a fight to lead us to the main event.
10/24/12 4:04:50PM
nog wins by way of getting taken down and punched until rashad is tired, probably will happen in the 11th or 12th round.
10/24/12 4:07:55PM
5th wrestler in a row the UFC has thrown at Lil Nog. still happy to see him back.
10/24/12 6:56:48PM
I like it, it's a pair of big name fighters throwing down and a viable question will be answered about them. Lil Nog and Rashad = fun!
10/24/12 7:40:08PM
I still think main event will be a fly weight title fight
10/25/12 12:43:01AM
Nog with the upset KO in the first
10/25/12 1:14:19AM
Oh wow, wish I could preorder the event now! Hopefully next maybe we'll get a blockbuster main like Vitor Belfort vs Ed Herman.