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3/12/09 10:26:09PM
I just received this in my inbox with the subject heading "Anything can be achieved, if you simply BELIEVE"....
3/12/09 11:33:15PM
RIP a pioneer of mma
3/12/09 11:34:31PM
RIP Mask
3/12/09 11:36:40PM
I hope they make a shirt in memory of MASK and do something great with the money. Turning this accident into a positive. Its what MASK would want.
3/13/09 12:21:03AM
Yep I think that picture of him above with the BELIEVE would make for a great shirt.
3/13/09 1:22:35AM
I will always remember the tremendous energy and passion Mask had for MMA or just anything he did.

I still can't believe this....
3/13/09 7:21:47AM
The thing that got me most is how much this guy really cared about the fighters and the sport where most just care about how many shirts they sold, this guy was different and thats one of the reasons he was so successfull. RIP Mask
3/13/09 9:10:56AM
People can talk all the smack they want about the Tapout crew, but in the end, they're people. Mask was a person and a very passionate and caring person. He's definitely going to be missed and I only hope his family and close friends can help each other through this tough time and perservere.
3/13/09 9:37:09AM
Mask was truely a really great guy.... loved the sport, the fighters, the fans and the business... This man lived and breathed MMA and realized his dreams throught it while staying true to himself throughtout... a true idol of the MMA world.... Thanks again Mask...
3/13/09 11:25:22AM
The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that the Tapout guys started their company out of love for the sport. These days, you've got umpteenth other combat gear/fight gear/blah blah gear companies coming out, and their goal is transparent: cash in on this booming trend that is MMA.

The Tapout guys didnt make much at first, hell, they probably lost money. But, they kept on, and eventually, were successful. Once they "made it", they didn't start sponsoring the "flavor of the week" fighter, which they would promptly drop after his or her first televised loss. Nope. These guys stuck with youngsters that they saw potential in. They gave back to the MMA community in ways that the rest of us could only dream of. They were just like us at one point: diehard MMA fans that just wanted to be part of it.

Im sure Tapout will continue strong, and hopefully SOME kind of good will come from all this. In the meantime, I wish his friends, family, and fans well.

RIP Mask
3/13/09 6:09:50PM
R.I.P. Mask
You will be remembered.
3/14/09 7:46:27PM
This is a bum deal. I hope they do somthing for memorial on the UFN. That would be awesome
3/14/09 7:59:39PM
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