TapouT Named Official TUF 7 Sponsor

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3/14/08 12:59:00PM
The MMA-themed clothing line TapouT has been named as the first-ever wxclusive apparel sponsor for "The Ultimate Fighter", a deal that covers TUF 7 and also a number of episodes of "UFC Unleashed" on Spike.

3/14/08 1:22:23PM
Good for them. That's awesome.

Well deserved.
3/14/08 2:42:28PM
sounds freaking awesome!

Good on you guys!
3/14/08 2:46:45PM
don't they have their own tuflike show? very interesting move
3/14/08 2:54:47PM
They will be able to scout a whole lot of talent with this move for sure!!! Smart move guys!!!!
3/14/08 3:32:30PM
Big ups to the Tapout crew, crazy mothersuckers.
3/14/08 3:43:02PM

Posted by Vietnamese_Guy

don't they have their own tuflike show? very interesting move

They have their own show, but it's nothing like TUF. They'll follow a particular fighter for a week or so leading up to a fight and then decide whether or not to sponsor him.

MMA is the only thing that Tapout (the show) and TUF have in common.
3/14/08 4:22:25PM
Yeah, they have a weekly (I think) show on Versus, but that's more a variety and behind-the-scenes show, not a competition like TUF. This is a good next step for them as they already had the clothing, the magazine, and the TV deal. The sky just might be the limit now.
3/14/08 5:01:45PM
3/14/08 10:29:37PM
I remember seeing Burger King in the middle of the octagon and i was disappointed not only do I not want to see a fast food place sponser MMA but I like Wendy's better.
3/15/08 2:43:17AM
Buffer's been plugging TapouT's new season (IN JUNE!) the last couple of PPV's. So they're already sponsoring the UFC.
3/15/08 12:11:34PM
I own a few Tapout shirts myself. Good to here there going to sponsor TUF 7.
3/15/08 11:11:52PM
I Hope that the Tap Out Crew (Especially Mask) Will be at UFC 83! I Want too meet them, they must be hella fun people too chill with.
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