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1/16/08 1:53:55AM
Does anyone have a tapout logo with a awesome design on it? Im soon going to get a tatoo and i want the Tapout Logo on my back... So if anyone has the logo with an awesome design please post it. If you can i was wondering if you have or make the Tapout Logo with blood on it.. Thank you
1/16/08 2:23:17AM
Your best bet is take the logo you want to a GOOD tattoo shop, Tell them what you want and bang.

1/16/08 9:08:38AM
I have a tapout t-shirt, on which the logo design has blood on the corner of it. I think the style was called 'blood money' or something so if you google that, it will probably find some images. It's not what I would call an 'awesome' design, but it's a start.
1/16/08 11:21:09AM
Does anyone have a big jpg of a tapout logo? I'd like to rasterbate the image and put it on my wall. if anyone finds a good quality jpg and posts it, i'll show ya the end results
1/16/08 1:12:04PM
seach tapout on google you will find tons
1/16/08 1:44:28PM
Here are a few to start with.
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