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9/18/08 2:53:47PM
Does anyone know what the Tapout commercials were about yesterday, they had the Hammerhouse team. Is Randleman planning a comeback?? I was a little confused. Especially that is was aired during a UFC event.
9/18/08 5:26:26PM
i noticed this comercial also considering it was one every comercial i think its about a movie about kevin showcasing one of his more memorable fights cant think what theyd use the only that springs to mind is when he kod CC
9/18/08 6:52:18PM
I was a commercial for a "documentary" called PitFight, I have seen it before(the movie) and it was odd and confusing, for instance at one point Kevin Randleman kills Seth Petruzelli.
9/18/08 11:48:17PM
Is that really a bad thing ?
9/19/08 11:29:01AM

Posted by MMAcca

Is that really a bad thing ?

9/22/08 12:03:16PM
i watch that online and it was weird..like some cheap prison movie...
9/23/08 10:14:27PM
It was a short film. kinda like the mma remake of the Condemned, (which is a remake of The eliminator, which has bas rutten as the main character). Randleman, Coleman, Mighty mo, and petruzelli have to kill each other in the octagon to get out of prison.
IT was dumb.
9/23/08 10:18:38PM
I thought it was filmed well.

I think the main point behind the film was the emotional struggle and the view on life a fighter has. Freeing himself from life's prison by giving his all and putting everything on the line instead of slaving to a 40 hr work week for the rest of his life. Either that or submitting to injuries or failures.
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