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7/20/07 3:25:31PM
its pretty good if u got time warner cable its on channel 470
i fu**in hate the camoflauge guy
and chuck liddell was in the last episode
7/20/07 4:47:42PM
there have been so many topics on this its not even funny check back a few pages and you'll find them
7/20/07 4:50:01PM
I think the show is great. I hope that this leads to more mma shows on better networks(ESPN, FSN, maybe even the networks)

Also, you might want to check your shift key... it seems to be acting funny.
7/20/07 9:44:06PM
It sucked that antonio lost, matt major couldnt finish the fight that was horrible.

It was stupid to have 3 episodes and then not have any till 8/2.

I think they should get guys from American Top Team, MFS and Team Quest.
7/20/07 10:40:10PM
Great show, but I think Tapout needs to look for more mature fighters.
Matt Major was a joke.
7/20/07 11:16:06PM
but i was making fun of chuck liddells bitch coy
7/21/07 10:15:50AM

Posted by lilz_gangsta

but i was making fun of chuck liddells bitch coy

Yea, that is a pretty funny insight into Chuck's home life!
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