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6/8/07 3:06:55PM
I just watched another episode of the new Tapout Show. The guys who run Tapout are kind of dumb, but it's interesting to see them visit different camps. I loved seeing The Pit and also seeing Chuck's house. It was also cool to be introduced to Chuck's wife... Antonio

Anybody else watch this show? What are your thoughts?
6/27/07 8:49:12PM
Thought it was a good show but the guy from AKA pissed me off he acted like he was a big dog but his fight was not even that good , IMO if he had listened to Crazy Bob he would have won the figh t Bob was always tell him to unload but he never did, he had good stand up but just needs to mmature a little bit more.
6/27/07 10:39:48PM
they are complete idiots and i feel are a huge distraction to the fighters.
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