Tap or Snap: April 14th (Colorado)

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4/12/07 12:25:34PM

April 14th, Fights start at 7:30PM
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Travis Shelton vs Joe Salley
Jasper Church vs Ryan Axtel
Dwan West vs Ryan Euhrlich
Nick Waters vs Joe Morabito
Daniel Smith vs Kevin Carter
J.T Hudson vs Cameron Dollar
Patrick Wyckoff vs John Malonado
William "J"Jackson vs Frankie Mcivery
Robert Luerssen vs Aaron Truxell
Quaquin Melendez vs Vincent Odonell
Jose Luis Murillo vs Brett Roller
4/12/07 7:00:58PM
Right on! Colorado is a premiere state for MMA right now, the more events the better. We need to get the UFC out here.
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