I can Tap YOU out with One Arm! (Avellan vid)

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3/6/12 10:02:53AM
In ADCC 2009, I submitted BJJ Black Belt World Champion Tarsis Humpries on the road to earn a Bronze Medal - using only one arm to choke him.

I do not have double tendons, I am not super strong, and I didn't do an illegal choke (no rape choking - LOL!).

I reveal my technique in this week's video, the [U]One Arm Choke[/U]! (Click the link below the image)

The One Arm Choke | David Avellan

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

P.S. > If you like what you see, give this thread a TTT and any comments or feedback are greatly appreciated, both here and on the video page. Thank you!

3/6/12 11:23:03AM
Realistically YOU could tap me with two fingers.

Great video though.
3/6/12 11:25:41AM

Thank you
3/6/12 8:59:45PM
very nice. plus, if you cant finish it i suppose you can drop the wrist and go straight to a shot choke or RNC. another good vid. keep em' coming please.
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