Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo 2

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11/7/11 5:21:56PM
Wow. This is just ridiculous. If this isn't in the right place feel free to place it elsewhere.

Last weekend, in some lucky guy’s backyard, two old school UFC titans met for the rematch that was years in the making. Too bad it was, again, held in someone’s backyard.

Tank Abbott and “The Pitbull” Scott Ferrozzo first met way back at UFC 11 in 1996 in a grueling brawl that Tank lost by unanimous decision. Both fighters went to war that night, and were hungry for a rematch immediately after. Fast forward to October 30, 2011, in Fresno, California, when “Backyard Fighting Championship” held their inaugural event, headlined with this epic rematch.....

Tank vs. Ferrozzo 2
11/7/11 5:51:53PM
Well the first minute of that fight was awesome. Still beats a Tim Sylvia fight though
11/7/11 7:14:35PM
This is so ghetto shit.
11/8/11 5:21:35PM
I watched this horror-show. I like how they still like to fight, but they should've agreed to be stood up after x number of minutes of non-activity.

11/14/11 4:39:16PM
Worst fight ever.
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