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5/16/08 6:27:58PM
hmm there seems to be alot of us 6'2" guys around.. I currently weigh in about 260.. and I ahve found being tall has been nothing but an advantage... . While my stand up game is not the best... I have a really good jab and can keep people at a distance.. on the ground I find it easy to work submissions from a gaurd.. in a clinch.. someone above said being tall is a disadvantage... only if you are the one being clinched... if you are doing the clinching you have a big advantage... great for lifting those knees or controlling the head for a take down.
5/17/08 3:02:09AM
I completely disagree. Height is a tremendous disadvantage in a clinch because your hips are naturally higher and its much easier to be taken down, and I'm not understanding the "being clinched" vs. "doing the clinching". If you're clinching with someone, you're both clinches unless someone has you in a full body lock or a plum clinch. If you're pummeling, have over unders or even working overhooks, you're both clinched. Yes, knees are easier to throw, but someone with a greco background will have you on the mat in a heartbeat, a-la Randy vs. Big Tim.
5/17/08 5:40:44PM
Hmm I guess I can agree with that.. It is not something I have come across in my training yet so I did not even think about that..
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