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9/9/07 12:25:08AM
im gonna prolly be around 6-3 to 6-6. is that to tall to fight MMA? i mea all the greatest fighters are heavy weights and around 6-0 to 6-2.
9/9/07 12:36:04AM
big tim was 6-8 and he was the champ, i dont think being tall is a problem
9/9/07 1:14:56AM
No problem being taller... although it goes better with a stand up skill set than a grappling one.
9/9/07 1:17:35AM
Id prefer the taller lankier fighter than the shortier stockier, no thats not too tall. look at corey hill, kendal groves you dont have to be a heavyweight just because your tall.
9/9/07 2:02:04AM
tim was a champion but he got wrecked by a 44 year old guy. and yah i understand being tall help striking. IE. valuev. Bobb sapp. that asian 7ft2 K-1 guy.
9/9/07 2:10:11AM
Randy Couture is a lot more than a age. No shame in losing to the number 1 in the company.
9/9/07 6:54:41AM
being tall is an advantage overall imo. there are some spots where it is a disadvantage but those are outweighed by the tremendous advantage that reach gives.

plan your skill set accordingly and it should help more than it hurts. the most important thing is your skill set though. no physical characteristics will help you if you dont have the skills to get the job done.

tim sylvia losing to randy couture does not mean that he is a bad fighter. one loss to a top competitor does not negate the things that a fighter has accomplished. tim sylvia may not be the best in the world but he is someone you should watch as a tall guy interested in the fight game. he uses his reach and jab very effectively. i wouldnt try to mimic his style or anything but there are certain elements to the way he fights that any fighter that is very tall should try to intergrate into their game
9/9/07 8:36:31AM
Better to be a tall striker than a tall grappler, thats for sure.

All the top K-1 guys are pretty tall

Le Banner - 6' 3"
Hoost - 6' 2 1/2"
Bonjasky - 6'4"
Schilt - 7'0"
Aerts - 6'4"

Of course, Hunt and Sefo are exceptions to the rule

Sefo - 6'0" (just like me, though I won't be fighting at HW like Sefo)
Hunt - 5'10"

While these two guys arent exactly small, you can see how most of the top guys are big lads.

Tim Sylvia might have been 6'8", but he is a gangly, uncoordinated mess. Watch Schilt fight. There is a big guy who knows how to move, then watch Tim fight, its like he doesn't know how to control his body.
9/9/07 11:54:15AM
Its harder to take the smaller guys down, like 6'1 6'2. 6'6 is pretty big, if u have long legs its a better target for the wrestlers. But having long legs u can kick as well. I dont think being tall to fight MMA is a big problem....
9/9/07 3:04:43PM
alright good. hopefully ill only end up like 6-3 6-4
9/9/07 5:07:21PM
Is this a joke, I would love to be tall, I'm only 5'8'' tall. Tall people have more options in guard and have a reach advantage on the feet.
9/9/07 6:38:24PM
About a year ago you had this situation:
WBA boxing champion: Nickolai Valuev 7'0"
K-1 kickboxing champion: Semmy Schilt 6'11"
UFC HW champion: Tim Sylvia 6'8"

So, 6'6" is not too tall for MMA. Kendall Grove is that height as a 185 pounder. Corey Hill fights in the lightest weight class the UFC has and is only 2 inches shorter than that.
9/9/07 7:26:35PM
alright thanks guys
9/9/07 7:43:43PM
If your in a higher weight class it should be fine as Heavyweights have the advantage at striking. Though if you like a lightweight, your kinda screwed as its pretty much a wrestler and bbj dominated weight class, and longer limps can get you caught in knee bars and kamuras easier.
9/9/07 7:48:57PM
Being tall is an advantage in almost every aspect with the exception of clinching IMO. You have the reach in the stand up, and you have the ability to create space on the ground as well as using different techniques to get locks. However most of your power is found in the last 20% of your positive, and with long limbs, that means it can be real hard to get leverage in close. I'm a medium sized guy, 6'1'' at 17, but I wouldn't mind at all being 6'4''ish, so your definitely not too tall to fight mma by any means.
9/9/07 10:48:07PM
alright good. thanks guys. i wana be a heavy weight. so ill proy be around 240?
9/10/07 1:03:00AM
how tall and how much do you weight now? it sound a lil like you are thinkin you will be tall and be a HW?
9/10/07 3:01:05AM
the taller you are the more advantage you have. i am 6'2'' and i struggle fighting a 6'8'' guy. just way too much reach difference there. Its not just intimidating its also the fact that I have to walk through a lot of dangerous area where I cant do damage to him, but he can damage me.

So you being tall is an advantage in MMA. It may suck for karate tournaments where people fight by meaningless points, but it will give you an edge on most guys in MMA if you get really good stand up.
9/10/07 10:35:58AM
This is a stupid thread. Kongo is 6'4" (and looks taller) , Big Tim held the title for a while and he's 6'8".
9/10/07 4:26:49PM
im 6'2 just turned 16 a week or two ago. im 164 in the single digit BF%. im probably gunna be around 170-180 single diggit BF% by the tim im 17
9/10/07 6:11:45PM
there's plenty of 6'2" middleweights out there, man. You'll prolly hit up around 190 walking weight when you get out of school
9/10/07 10:46:05PM
im kind of big tho so im guessing aroudn 200 hoefuly still with BF in single digits. althought my goal right now is to get to 170
9/11/07 8:46:41AM
what makes you think/want to get to 240 then?
9/11/07 8:59:48AM
im 6'2" at 19 and i train with a guy whose 6'10" and hes hard as hell to box so yeah being bigger is better but in terms of grappling i wipe the floor with him
9/11/07 4:21:24PM
i want to get to 240 because i like being a big guy.
9/11/07 5:01:44PM
You sound like a skinny kid so I'd assume 240 is out of your range without massive amounts of working out/dieting (as in eating more muscle building foods) I'd say the lighter, the better.

More flexible, quicker, healthier, etc. If you reach 6'2" and you weigh 240 lbs. you're going to be fighting guys who will have a height advantage on you in some cases. If you stay down around middleweight you'll retain your height advantage in most cases.
9/11/07 9:55:24PM
alright thanks. i wont bulk just eat as much as i need to so that ill grow as heavy as im supposed to be no more no less.
9/11/07 10:04:24PM

Posted by danny81

im kind of big tho so im guessing aroudn 200 hoefuly still with BF in single digits. althought my goal right now is to get to 170

Honestly you're caring way to much about your BF%. If you wanna bulk up, your BF will almost most likely increase as well, and theres close to nothing you can do about that if you wanna build muscle. Bulk up, lift, then adjust your diet and cardio accordingly.
9/12/07 12:10:57AM

Posted by danny81

im gonna prolly be around 6-3 to 6-6. is that to tall to fight MMA? i mea all the greatest fighters are heavy weights and around 6-0 to 6-2.

Being tall has it's advantages and disadvantages. Being 6' 5 myself I do have a reach advantage on most everyone which helps a lot with standup. But being tall and on the ground has it's weaknesses too. It's easier to get me in joint locks simply because I have more limb to grab ahold of. But it's also easier for me to close up a triangle. So it's give and take I guess
9/12/07 9:02:03PM
being tall is not a problem.
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