J.R. talks Kimbo slice, says he will keep losing

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10/10/08 3:33:43AM
Jim Ross aka J.R. from wwe posted on his blog recently and Kimbo slices name was brought up.

Kimbo Slice's Knockout: If Kimbo Slice can be "re-built" by CBS and EliteXC, it will be a miracle. In pro wrestling it would be called being "re-packaged" including getting an updated persona and accompanying vignettes on weekly TV for several weeks. Kimbo is a one dimensional fighter who got exposed and will be exposed again if he fights anyone with any substantive ground game. I admired Kimbo taking the high road in his post fight comments but for him to be the "face" of CBS martial arts events seems like an up hill climb to me.

EDIT: I thought this was pretty interesting.
10/10/08 4:00:01AM
in the Audio pre fight press conference, Kimbo was telling Ken that he will give him a Free Shot in the Fight, I mean a Glazing Punch can Knock Kimbo down what more a Solid Clean Chin Shot from Ken..Kimbo is arrogant and he deserves to get KTFO
10/12/08 1:14:55PM
I've always liked good ol JR
10/12/08 4:06:39PM

Posted by The-Don

I've always liked good ol JR

yeah me 2. I'm pretty suprised though that during the part about kimbo he didnt throw in a "EVERYONE GUNNING FOR KIMBO! everyones gunnin for kimbo! He's like a man possessed!!!"
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