Tales of Mere Existance

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5/21/07 5:02:43PM
I found one of these videos in the featured section of Youtube. I found it really funny, and wanted to see if there were more, so I looked around and found a whole series.

My favourite is the procrastination one, hits close to home

Tales of Mere Existance

Found a couple more on dailymotion:

More Tales of Mere Existance
5/22/07 12:05:34AM
My life is a little better now that these videos are in my life. Thank you infused.
5/22/07 4:59:22PM
Good stuff. It's neat to see a lot of thoughts men have in relationships put into word and animation like that. Thanks for the link.
5/22/07 6:03:56PM
I'm glad to know that you guys enjoy them :)

The videos seem to be a different kind of humour that not everyone can relate too.
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