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8/17/07 10:34:29PM

Posted by Jackelope

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Posted by Branwest

It's possible, but if they added a FW class there'd be more fights. Plus a BW class once it gets more established, which might not take too much longer. It'd probably be imossible to add a Flyweight class unless maybe in the WEC. Though it'd take at least a couple of years for it to have enough fighters to be legit (right now it's not even close). Hell, the WEC could even add women's fighting.

Womens fighting???I am going to be the first to say maybe it would be cool at first but that would get hell of old.

Not if they brought in girls who look like some of the WWE girls. You know with them grappling on the ground you're bound to get a good view

I didn't mean in the UFC. I meant in the WEC. Hell, why not, EliteXC has a female fight on the card at their next event. There a few good women fighters out there. The problem is is that there aren't enough, especially not enough hot-women fighters. Ppl think that the Brazilian woman that fights in Bodog called the 'Fighter Barbie' or 'something Barbie, is hot, and her body is (esp her a**), but not so much in the face. As more and more woman fighters are training, it wouldn't take long to have a legitamate woman's class in the WEC. The problem is that have a couple of different weight classes and it might be hard to fill each class with enough women that are high-caliber fighters.
8/18/07 10:56:19PM
I think the HBO deal is a bad one for one reason. I don't have HBO. I have to think about my own entertainment, after all.
8/19/07 7:24:28PM
I don't either, but I'll be damned if I don't buy it if UFC inks the deal with them. I'd rather just see more stuff on Spike, but if they do make a deal with HBO, i'll buy it the next day. Hell, I'd steal the neighbors cable if I had to. Of course that'd be a problem considering I live 1/4 mile away from anybody and I have DirecTV, not cable.
8/19/07 7:46:51PM
I have faith in the WEC myself
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