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2/27/08 10:46:12PM
how do you take your losses? whether it be just in the gym rollin, like for example do you get mad when you always beat the person you usually roll with then outa no where one night they beat you easily , whether it be that or a tournament or a bout whatever how do you take your losses
2/27/08 10:58:42PM
Take em in stride man, i try and think about what i could have done better or a way to counter what ever was used on me in that particular situation. When i lose its more about what i did or didn't do and less about the other person in my mind. All the props to them for beating me but i don't blame them for a loss, for that you only got yourself to blame
2/28/08 2:50:22AM
i hate them but i take them
2/28/08 7:20:33AM
i dont like loseing but i just look at what i have done wrong and try and improve it
2/28/08 8:11:36AM
I usually get bitter, try to blame sombody/somthing in my head, dwell on it for a day, then realise im an asshole and just take it on the chin. But i think the best way to get better is to get beat.
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