Whatever it takes: MMAmania exclusive interview with Josh Koscheck

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7/28/08 4:47:05PM
MMAmania.com: So let’s start off by saying congrats on the big win over Chris Lytle. That turned out to be quite a blood-soaked battle. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still finding his blood on you.

Josh Koscheck: [Laughs]. Thanks, man. I had to take like three showers and even then it was still everywhere. It turned my hair pink.

MMAmania.com: That was a tough fight because a lot of people sleep on Lytle — he’s very dangerous and very resilient. In fact, he’s never really been stopped other than a few cuts.

Josh Koscheck: Yeah, that’s what I was worried about when I was approached about the fight. He’s never really been stopped. I was a little more worried about this fight going in than some of the others actually because he’s good on the feet, great with submissions — has some tricky stuff. But we put together a great gameplan thanks to Javier Mendez and the other coaches at American Kickboxing Academy. Javier was pounding it in my head for three months leading up to the fight. In fact, he printed out Chris Lytle’s boxing record and made me stick it in the visor of my car so I would see it everyday and have that constant reminder that I was not going to trade punches all night with this guy. I just followed it to a tee and got the victory.

MMAmania.com: Are you surprised that the fight wasn’t stopped because of all the blood?

7/28/08 5:35:10PM
good interview.

dat sux that they had to pay for all the shit done to the house (they should) but now its all for tv and ufc covers it.

hope hes right on his boy fitch
7/28/08 6:17:40PM
great interview, I like Kos alot more than i used 2.
7/28/08 11:33:21PM
I use to really hate Kos but his past fights and attitude change really has made me excited to see his fights. He may not have the best hands, but he is improving his striking farther than I ever could have imagined. Hope he continues to rise back up and I would like to see GSP/ Kos 2
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