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7/26/08 1:05:10AM
Chris Leben falls into a very unique category in the world of mixed martial arts. He’s one of the few fighters in the sport today who it seems every fan has an opinion of. Whether they love him or hate him, “The Crippler” always comes ready to scrap.

He’s got brick fists, and he can take a punch like you’re not even trying.

Leben holds notable wins over Patrick Cote, Luigi Fioravanti, Terry Martin and most recently Alessio Sakara, and he’s the only man who’s ever KO’d Mike Swick.

And now he’s headlining a major UFC event against another solid striker: Michael “The Count” Bisping. Leben (18-4) and Bisping (16-1) will go toe-to-toe at UFC 89 on October 18 at the National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham, England.

7/26/08 1:14:28PM
Leben is a measuring stick in the MW division. He exposes pretenders and gets beat by contenders. That being said I do like the guy and we'll see if Bisping is really a force at MW or if he just beat up a couple of stiffs.
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