Takedown & Ground Control Stats for Jackson-Henderson

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9/11/07 7:38:43PM
Total Takedowns
Jackson 2
Henderson 3

Takedowns By Round

Round 1
Henderson trip takedowns Jackson from the clinch

Round 2
Henderson trip takedowns Jackson

Round 3
Single-leg takedown for Jackson

Round 4
No takedowns

Round 5
Henderson trip takedowns Jackson
Jackson takes down Henderson from the clinch

Total Time from Top Position

Jackson 7:35
Henderson 5:28

Time from Top Position by Round

Round 1
Jackson 0:00
Henderson 1:08

Round 2
Jackson 1:47
Henderson 1:42

Round 3
Jackson 2:15
Henderson 1:16

Round 4
Jackson 3:21
Henderson 0:00

Round 5
Jackson 0:12
Henderson 1:22
9/11/07 8:00:52PM
Awesome compilation!! Man you're on target with these always haha. Love reading them, keep it up!
9/11/07 8:02:51PM
You need to add in the 2nd round Rampage sweep without that he loses the fight
9/11/07 11:07:47PM
Nice thanks for posting that. I was impressed during the fight at the way Rampage held him down and to see it spelled out is cool.
9/11/07 11:15:44PM
nice, thanks guys.

yeah that sweep in round turned the whole fight's momentum.
9/11/07 11:20:17PM
nice post i love readin thos
9/12/07 11:14:01AM
Interesting stats. Fair play, you obviously love the MMA game.
9/12/07 4:08:03PM
Thanks for tallying those up man, I especially like the time on top stats.
9/13/07 12:16:08AM
You can really tell henderson either got tired or gave up into the later rounds, I thought he was doing great in 1 and 2
9/13/07 7:01:48PM
I love how rampage used the cage so damn much to get up.. that was such a great performance by rampage!
9/14/07 3:32:14PM
Hendo being so big for his frame made him gas. If he was between 190-195 he would have won.
9/16/07 12:39:15AM
Great stuff.

If you really want to do some homework though. Hahah. Tally up the strikes.

Thats what you'll end up looking like if you try though!

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