why is Takanori Gomi in the LW divison

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9/7/07 6:00:55PM
if i remeber right middle weight in pride was 205 and welter weight was 185 and light weight was 170, so y is Gomi the LW divison here ont he site he should be the welter weights .Right??
9/7/07 6:46:10PM
because gomi isn't in ufc, and he fought as a pride lightweight. there for he is still a pride lightweight
9/7/07 6:58:55PM
Pride Lightweights where 161lbs, not 170lbs.

...and not that it matters all that much, but Welterweight was 183lbs.
9/7/07 7:37:29PM
Yeah, its one of those ******* metric system conversions.
9/7/07 7:41:47PM
just woundering
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