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6/25/07 12:55:51PM
First off, great radio show, 9 am daily...


BUT... my real point is that, aside from Trigg, does anybody else think that the two hosts (GG and Goze) have the most ridiculous and feminine voices ever?

Sorry. Bugs me daily. I always think Im listening to "queer eye for the MMA guy".

6/25/07 12:58:49PM
Haha queer eye for the MMA guy wtf?! I've never listened i'll check it out.
6/25/07 1:00:32PM
Dont get me wrong... great info, great show. Bad voices, lol.
6/25/07 8:01:50PM
Haha yeah I agree about the voices. I listen to this show alot actually, my forum name is Darkthrone on there (think I posted like once or twice)

those 5 questions are pretty funny though that Trigg or Goze ask people. I remember Trigg used to do that on MMAWeekly radio.
6/25/07 8:17:42PM
I listen a few times a week. lol. Great show, bad voices, lol
7/3/07 8:16:12PM
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