Tag Team Submission Wrestling/Grappling Bout

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7/15/09 10:42:04AM
This video is 100% legit. Seriously. And, although a little silly at one point with some "illegal double-teaming", not too shabby.
Note: This is only submission wrestling/grappling, not MMA. There's no striking at all.
7/15/09 11:38:44AM
there was a load of Tag team MMA fights in ZST in japan earlier this decade. Rich Clementi and Imanari were in one of them.
7/15/09 11:52:27AM
And they're still doing them, I need to try and find some video just to see if it's as cheesy/silly as I think it could be. I found it interesting here that the one guy (I think the one who tapped to the RNC) was allowed to do this wearing a shirt. Almost an unfair advantage?
7/15/09 2:04:24PM
That was good to watch.
7/15/09 3:20:45PM
Interesting, I may have to try this in one my classes, it would be fun. Impractical, but fun.
7/15/09 10:33:15PM
That actually works with the submission grappling. If there was striking, it wouldn't work at all with the double teams.
7/15/09 10:41:21PM
WTF??? Did that dude just let him out of that flying armbar? That was sick and then all of the sudden the dude was out of it. I wonder if his hand slipped or something? I couldn't tell. Dude definitely didn't roll out of it or anything, though.

7/16/09 9:46:59PM
We do this sometimes at my grappling class. There are two teams on each side of the mat and you can tag in your teamate. It gets interesting cause you begin to realize who matches up best against who and also, you want to do so well cause everyone is watching. fun stuff though
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