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8/20/11 2:57:26PM
Hey Im gunna start taking up TKD very shortly and had a question is there lots of katas cus im not a big fan of the katas, I will only be able to attend once a week because its 30min from where i live but will be able to practice at home, I was just curious if its a great martial art to get into.
8/20/11 3:46:56PM
To answer if it is a great martial art, I would have to say it is not. I have taken TKD in my youth and it is very rigid. In a real fight, many of the techniques in TKD will not be applicable. I would give you my recommendation as to what arts I think are good but I do not want to misdirect you in any way.
8/20/11 4:26:08PM
I took it for a couple years, and it is kata heavy. I like the techniques TKD teaches though. Of course you are never going to bust out katas in a fight, but I just look at it as a system to help you learn the art. One thing I really liked was that we had the option of weapons training in my school. Of course I went with nunchucks!

I had fun in Tae Kwon Do. Kickboxing or Muay Thai may be more practical, but you can still pick up some good stuff from TKD, and it's good exercise!

8/20/11 4:36:39PM
It is usually pretty kata heavy. I would just do muay thai. I've done several years of karate and tae kwon do, and I think all I really got out of it was general flexibility and balance, maybe some really really basic kicking and punching fundamentals. tae kwon do is pretty much nothing but kicks, and most of them are pretty impractical in a real fight.

With Muay Thai you'll get more practical experience, and more than likely a better workout, since all of your training will be practical, not things like katas.
8/20/11 5:21:59PM
I did tae kwon do for 10 years and hold a 2nd degree black belt in the art. I would say it is an art worth learning. its "Kata heavy" in the way that with every belt you move up there's a new Kata to learn. as for practical use there's not much you can use practically in a fight. I think the best thing you can take away from it is its emphasis on flexibility, balance, and kicks.
8/21/11 3:36:06AM
I took TKD for 2+ years and got to Green Belt but my impression of it was that it was a point based combat sport and as others have said not necessarily the art I'd pick if I'm in a street fight.

Do keep in mind there are TKD schools out there that will be say 65% kicks and some that are say 35% kicks so make sure it fits what you're looking to get better skilled at. I'd go sit in on a class before committing but for exercise purposes, discipline, and keeping in good shape I'd definitely recommend it if it's the closest type of school to you and practicing any martial art is better than practicing none
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