Swick vs.Leben to headline fight night 11in aug or sept

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7/7/07 3:45:25AM
looks like swick will get his long awaited rematch

According to UFC president Dana White, one-time top UFC middleweight contender Mike Swick (10-2 MMA, 5-1 UFC) could get his long-awaited rematch with The Ultimate Fighter 1 castmate Chris Leben (16-4 MMA, 6-3 UFC).
7/8/07 1:48:05PM
This would be a fight im looking forward to.

Leben his on a downward spiral im not sure if he can loose many more and still get fights. And Swick needs to get on the win streak again to move up in the rankings.

For free would be even better !
7/8/07 7:44:10PM
I like both fighters a lot..I think if Leben comes out like a tornado and isn't patient he will lose but I think if he is patient he can ko Swick again
7/9/07 12:23:20AM
Swick is much more skilled than Leben but Leben has that KO power. I'm picking Swick in this one.
7/10/07 12:07:15AM
How many times does Leben have to lose before the UFC drops him? He has lost 3 of his last 4 and now he is primed to lose another to Swick. Didn't he say he wants to go fight for ICON? At least Swick will escort him with a bang
7/10/07 12:40:05AM
One thing is 4 sure. Somebody's gonna get ko'd. My guess it will be Leben this time. This would be a great fight to see, probably short but still good tv.
7/10/07 3:02:35AM
Im thinkin swick is gonna do leben just like silva did!
7/10/07 11:13:04AM
I thought Swick was goign down to WW
7/10/07 11:20:39AM
I personally think Swick is gonna dissect Leben just like Silva did to him. Leben is just unorthodox and i personally dont like him much. Hes not great at anything and we saw when a striker can hit Leben his chin isn't made of rock and Swick's quick hands will take Leben out in the first round. After his loss to Yushin i don't think there is any doubt in my mind hes been training harder then he ever has before.I personally think he should stay at middle weight and not bother going down to WW because i mean i don't see him beating Karo or Diego or Kos or anyone like that so i think he should stay where hes at.
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